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What makes us Ecstatic?

We believe in flawless communication between the clients and our freelancers. Our clients are on-boarded tracing these pathways supported personally by our strong team that coordinates and ensures credibility on both sides.


Zero referal charges

We understand the challenges of every business and believe in transparency. We only charge for your consignment and you don’t bear any other referral charges from us.

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Assured task completion

Our team stands for your consignment and we take assurity for your task completion. We have our in-house specialists who will be assigned if you face any issues with our freelancers.


Verified Freelancers

Our freelancers are verified personally by our team for an authentic work-flow. The details of freelancer(s) assigned for your consignment are shared while onboarding.


Real-time updates

A special dashboard is offered for our long-term clients to keep a track of regular workflow of your tasks. Our team is also available for any of your updates round the clock.

Our Testimonials

  • "We own a local pharmacy shop and I wanted to take my business to the next level online. With Ecstasy Creatives' pocket-friendly prices, we planned to build an E-Commerce website that was properly followed up at every instance."

    Shaillendar Gaur, Co-founder of Lazymeds

  • "At a point where my event management business was not going so well, I came across Ecstasy Creatives. I planned to work on my brand promotions with them and I was given a proper business calendar for every month, which goes live as I approve every single post which made me track my campaign results."

    Arvind Kumar, Founder of LeMemoiré Events

  • "We wanted our brand identities designed in such a way that it stands out from the rest. We were not so sure about building a mutual trust with the freelancer allotted to us. But with Ecstasy Creatives following us up, the workflow was very seamless."

    Sai Ganesh, CEO of Manchester Soft.

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Understanding your needs

Understanding your needs

Once a client is interested in us, we gather information about the client's needs. This information is communicated with a specialized freelancer by our in-house team and understands the nature of the consignment

Identity verification

Identity verification

Our team then verifies the personal/business identity of the client. A digital copy of their govt. approved identity is verified for authenticity purposes.


Team designation and Contract agreement

Once a client signs up with us, a specialized freelancer or a group of freelancers is assigned to the project along with a dedicated member of our internal team to regularly follow-up the communication flow. An E-Contract is signed both by the freelancer as well as the client with all the details including the specified needs, time-frame, number of inclusive revisions and the estimate precisely. You’ll also get full access to the freelancer’s CV, Portfolio and ratings.

Working Together

Get your work done

Once you onboard, we promise to start working immediately and you can follow-up our team from the dashboard assigned to you. A special dashboard is offered to the on-boarded clients to keep a trace of your workflow with us. The details of freelancer(s) assigned by our team are shared in the dashboard and our team assures to follow you up till the end of your consignment.

>Review of Talents

Review of Talents

We receive an applicant's works including achievements, past works, references and expertise.

Identity verification

One-to-one conversation

We personally speak with each applicant and assess them on various checkpoints including communication skills, expertise, field knowledge and references.

One-to-one conversation

Identity verification

Applicant's identity is verified personally and a digital copy of their legal identity is stored for authenticity purposes.

Freelance family

Freelance family

After this rigorous process, we add a new member to our freelance family to give you ecstatic solutions.

Work and get paid

Work and get paid

Our lead generation team works round the clock to connect the right clients with you. After you're listed in our portal, a dedicated dashboard is provided to the freelancer where regular workflow must be updated upon signing a project with our clients. Our team will approach you once we sign a project. You start working and earning.

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Featured Questions

  • How does Ecstasy Creatives work for Clients?

    Ecstasy Creatives connects freelancers with clients based upon their needs and budgets. After understanding the client’s needs, we connect them with our proficient freelancer(s). When the client and the freelancer are on good terms, an e-contract is signed by both the parties and our internal team regularly follows up your routines.

  • What is the difference between Client’s page and Business page?

    We aim at offering a wide range of services to fit your needs precisely. In the Businesses’ page, we have handpicked solutions that are crafted to suit the business needs. In the client’s segment, we have a wide range of services catered to suit general needs. In simple terms, the businesses’ page is more like a B2B segment whereas the clients’ page is a B2C segment.

  • How much does Ecstasy Creatives charge from the clients?

    We don’t charge anything extra (Like referral charges) from the client apart from the consignment’s value. However, any transaction charges including the payment gateway charges must be borne by the clients.

  • Why do Ecstasy Creatives check individuals’/businesses’ documents?

    We stand for both the client as well as the freelancer. Hence a digital copy of their govt. approved identity is verified securely for authenticity purposes.

  • Is my information confidential?

    We stand for your privacy and every data that we receive from freelancers and the clients is stored safely in our dedicated server and would never be shared with each other or any third parties. This would be used for verification alone and upon any misconduct(s). Check our Privacy Policies for a clear vision.

  • What are the payment methods available?

    We’re connected with global payment gateways for a smooth and secure transaction. You have an option to pay using Credit/Debit card, e-wallets, net-banking, Paypal, GPay or even bank transfers.

  • How to manage freelancer(s) working on a project?

    In the dashboard, there is an option to comment and chat with the freelancers as well as our internal team. An organized day-to-day workflow is available on the dashboard that makes the work progress easy to track.

  • What if a freelancer suddenly stops working on my project?

    In case a freelancer fails to show up within 2 days after he/she is on a legal contract with the client, without prior approval from the internal team as well as the clients, the project would be transferred to another freelancer or our internal team and that freelancer signs the same contract as a replacement. The freelancer who fails to show up would hence be terminated from our team.

  • How is a freelancer allocated for my project?

    Freelancer(s) are allotted based on the Client's needs i.e rating and experience-based freelancer. If a client is looking for a high rated freelancer or if the project requires a multidimensional prospect like a content writer who also knows a bit of designing or a web developer with designing skills, then the project would be given to a single person or distributed accordingly.

  • Can I get the contact information from my freelancer?

    We encourage a free communication flow between a freelancer and the client. We would love to stay with you for a long time supporting your consignment and standing for our freelancers for no extra (or) hidden fees. You are allowed to have a free conversation with the freelancers and vise-versa.